When & why: fairway woods

Paul Mitchell

16 August 2021

Whether you’re on the tee box looking at a tight fairway or on the fairway looking at a faraway green, do you listen to that little voice in your head telling you to take the fairway wood out? Decisions have to be made, but if you want to hit that club the decision is a lot easier…

Cobra Radspeed Fairway Woods
Cobra Radspeed Fairway Woods

Pushing the internal weight at the front & back further apart gives you lots of distance, low spin and plenty of forgiveness. All of this adds up to help you hit those tight fairways and reach faraway greens, and Cobra has figured out how to do just that.

Easy decision, more confidence and better course management...

The Radspeed fairway woods are made with this radial weighting, making the decision to pull a fairway wood out so much easier as you know you’re getting an abundance of distance & forgiveness. On top of that, the hollow split rails ensure your clubs glides through the turf to launch the ball high with plenty of speed. This decision is enhanced by the array of models on offer from Cobra; a standard version, a draw-bias edition and a Big Tour option.

To give yourself an easy decision, more confidence and better course management, you can learn more about which of these models is best for you by clicking the button below.

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