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Ball personalisation

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  • Standard play numbers 1-4
  • High play numbers 5-8
  • Choose play number 00, 1-99

Personal Details




  • Limited time offer.
  • 2nd April - 14th May inclusive (the last date for orders is 14th May 2021).
  • Maximum of 1 dozen free per order.
  • Maximum lead time 5 weeks for personalised golf balls and 15 days for non-personalised golf balls, subject to availability.
  • Pro V1, Pro V1x or AVX only. Same model for all 4 dozens.
  • Promotion is only available on white Pro V1, Pro V1x and AVX golf balls.
  • Special Play Numbers and High Play Numbers only available in white Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls.
  • Special Play Numbers 00, 1-99 will incur an additional cost of £3.00 per dozen.
  • Personalised available as Standard Play Numbers & Special Play Numbers 00, 1-99. ALL 4 dozen must be either Standard Play Numbers or the same Special Play Numbers.
  • Non-personalised available as Standard Play Numbers only.
  • All personalised golf balls must include the same message on all 4 dozen balls.
  • Non-personalised Standard Play Numbers orders will be supplied in a 'sleeves only' gift box.
  • Personalised Standard Play Numbers orders will be supplied in 'normal' dozen packaging.
  • Upper case text only.
  • Red or black ink only. No mixed colours in individual orders.
  • Maximum 3 lines of 17 characters each inclusive of spaces on each line.
  • Alphanumeric characters only. Dots and dashes can be included within alphanumeric, but will not be accepted on their own.
  • Personalisation length will determine the final character size. Short messaging will result in larger letters. Long messaging will result in smaller letters.
  • Single pole only.
  • The printing of any message is at the discretion of Titleist. Registered or trademarked messages will be subject to approval i.e. football clubs, brand names etc.


  • Once a personalised order has been submitted it cannot be altered or cancelled.
  • By submitting your order, you are confirming your input is correct and agreeing to full payment to your professional upon collection from the pro shop.

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